Graduation Day Celebration of Class 2016




The Graduation Ceremony of the IBDP Year 2016 was held on 12th April 2016. It was yet another proud moment to celebrate the collaborative efforts of students, parents as well as school fraternity. The event was graced by the presence of our respected chairperson, Dr.(Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Ms. Priyamvada Taneja (Development & Recognition Manager, IBO India), Mrs. Mohina Dar( Academic Director, Amity Group of schools), Mrs. Jayshree Kad (Principal, AGS, Noida) and Mr. TPS Chauhan (Senior Advisor, Amity Group of schools).





The ceremony initiated with the auspicious lamp lighting and prayer. The highlights of the ceremony were the academic procession of all senior teachers followed by the graduating student’s procession. Students adorned their graduation caps and robes proudly as the teachers expatiated about their achievements.

The students received mementoes, scrolls and various proficiency certificates for their accomplishments from dignitaries. Prakruti Uday and Mustafa Khalid Ibrahim were awarded with Valedictorian and Student of the Year awards respectively. They shared their precious memories at AGS and left everyone awestruck with their speeches.

Mrs. Arti Gupta blessed the students with her inspiring words. Our respected chairperson motivated the students with her enlightening speech as they are ready to follow their dreams. She opportunely acknowledged the fact that our students have been accepted by the most reputed universities around the world such are Imperial College, University College London, University of Birmingham (Biochemistry), University of Surrey (Biochemistry), The University of British Columbia, University of Hong Kong, Kingston University, University of Buckingham and many more. Our special guest, Ms. Priyamada Taneja shared her experiences through her academic journey to encourage students to explore the opportunities present around the world.

It was a breath-taking event which came to an end with a cake cutting ceremony followed by a sumptuous lunch relished by everyone present.