Special Assembly on Republic Day, 27th January 2016


Keeping the spirit of Republic day high, Amity Global School, Sector-46, Gurgaon, celebrated the Indian Republic Day on 27th January 2016 in a unique and exclusive manner.

Primary school did an elaborate research on National symbols, Significance of Indian flag and Constitution of India which they showcased in the exhibition.

Senior school students were divided into four groups, depicting the four zones of India i.e., East, West, North and South India. They explored about the food, heritage, history, art and architecture of India. The students had exhibited stalls of their respective zones and shared the results of their inquiry with their fellow students. The students had put up dance and musical performances representing each zone. It was a collaborated whole school endeavor wherein the teachers were mentors and hence made the event a grand success.

Finally, the learning was reflected through a Quiz conducted by the senior students. Principal Ms. Arti Gupta shared her views about our responsibilities towards our rights and her words of encouragement to the students made the evening more memorable.