Science Projects presented at PTM 29 September in Gurgaon

A project fair is one of the best learning experiences a student can undertake. And, if it is taken seriously, it can be an excellent way to develop skills, integrate education with creativity and communicate complex concepts with relative ease.

A project display was held at Amity Global School, Gurgaon on 29th September, 2012. Students from standard 7 to standard 11 participated in the event. It was a mass participation with working & static models based on the themes assigned by the subject teachers. Students presented models depicting various concepts of Biology, Chemistry, Social studies, Environmental Systems and Societies and Business Management. As parents were present for PTM, it gave them the opportunity to witness students’ work. Students took great pride in presenting their work in front of parents as well as a skill other teachers.

It helps the students to hone their skills in long term planning and executing the plans successfully. This skill is of immense importance in adulthood. The exhibition also highlights the efforts made towards holistic education and all round development of students.

Ms Sonam Bedi
Science Teacher at AGS-Gurgaon